Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations


Everyone envisions something just a little different for their ideal bathroom space. To some people, storage is important; while others feel like it’s the shower or tub that is the priority of the room. Whatever detail makes a bathroom perfect for you, Jigsaw Builders is your leader in bathroom remodeling. Jigsaw Builders will help you with your bathroom renovation and will create a place you can relax in time and time again.

Jigsaw Builders specializes in the creation of an invigorating and blissful bathroom experience for local families. We can install new cabinets, his and her sinks, soothing low lights or even a new shower to rival local spas to provide you with a truly Zen-like bathroom experience. We always stay current of the highest quality and advanced bathroom updates for less.

Whether you want to pull out all the stops and completely redo your bathroom or are just looking for the most cost-effective way to gain more space, Jigsaw Builders will assist you in creating a bathroom that fits all your family needs. Always bearing in mind cost, quality, and convenience, we will work together to find the perfect solution to your bathroom puzzle!

Jigsaw Builders is proud to offer local residents the following bathroom remodeling services:

o Cabinets
o Sinks
o Tiling & Flooring
o Lighting
o Bath Tub & Shower
o And more…

Call us today at 763-314-0878 to make your bathroom dream a reality!

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